Terms And Conditions

MASABIH works with definite terms and conditions to satisfy our customers. All our customers are required to adhere to our business guidelines.

Please note that when you place an order through our company website, we presume that you have read and are in complete agreement with our terms and conditions. Under this, you agree to be bound to our policies and terms.
All the products sold on the MASABIH website are bound by some definite terms and conditions. We would want you to read and carefully understand all the necessary terms and conditions. It is very important that before placing an order on our website you agree to all our terms.
Also, we would like to inform you that we reserve all the rights to make any kind of modifications or changes to these terms and conditions as per our changing company policy. All the accurate updates will be available on this section of our website. We consider that it is the customer’s responsibility to check the particular page periodically in case of any changes done. While you continue to make the purchase through our website, we assume that you have read and are aware of our latest terms and conditions.

Our lifetime commitment
Masabih is committed to providing all its customers with enriched services. The products displayed on our website are 100% genuine. We are committed to help you with satisfactory experience in refund and return policies.

MASABIH online shopping
While shopping online via Masabih website you are agreeing that you have consciously read and are aware of the products you have selected. We assume that you are also aware of the product specifications and the price mentioned for the product.

Product rates
Our product prices can change without any prior notice. Please note that in case you have ordered a particular Masabih product at a specific price we shall honor your order. The price of the website changes according to various factors such as inflation, cost of raw material, transportation, human resource, etc.

Our unique products
Our products are available online through the Masabih website. All the products we sell are made of 100% pure leather. It is our sole responsibility that the displayed images of the products give you a clear idea of the originality of the product. Moreover, we try to give you a clear idea of the product from all the different angles. We are not guaranteeing accurate color quality as provided in the color description or product description as the photographic lighting may change the original color.
We acquire all the rights to discontinue any of our products or replace them with newer design products. The offers and discounts displayed on the website are limited to a specific duration only or a limited quantity of the products.

Shipping & Delivery policies
We do not offer free shipping on all the products. However, the shipping charges may vary from the specific geographic region or jurisdiction. We hold the authority to refuse sale to a specific region that is not within our delivery zone.
Please refer to the product details for any information regarding a number of shipping days. The number of shipping days may vary from product to product. Kindly note that we count only working days as shipping days.
We are not subjected to take any responsibility in case of delays in delivery of the ordered product(s) due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, storms, road closure, etc. we expect all our potential customers to bear with us.

Limited stocks and unavailability of the product
The products displayed on the website may have limited quantities and may be out of stock due to the nature of our business. This is due to the reason that some products take a longer duration to manufacture and may be in short supply due to higher demand.
At times we may change the product specifications or particular products without any prior notice. In case the item(s) ordered by you on our website has been discontinued due to unforeseen circumstances we shall inform you accordingly. You are allowed to select any another product in the same price range or opt for a refund as per our refund policy.

Copyright policies of Masabih
All the designs of the products sold on the website are created by Masabih team. They belong to us and are the property of Masabih.

Warranty Disclaimer
We absolve all the responsibility of product warranty. Each item is crafted with the highest standards and best quality. This is to inform you that imperfections and flaws in the leather material are always natural. Our team designs all the products to be durable. Misuse of any product would result in the severe damage to the product. We also provide 90 days warranty for manufacturing defects.

An agreement between you and us
Having read all the terms and conditions on this page and being aware of all the important company policies, we establish an agreement and the understanding between you and us.