Privacy Policy

Team Masabih wants all of our customers to feel secure while shopping with us. Therefore, we work on some definite Privacy Policies. We are committed to keeping all your information secure.

Data profiling
• When you browse through our website, we document all your information for profiling. We collect (email address, phone number, etc.) from you as soon as you sign up for your personalized store with Masabih. All the information provided by you on our website may be used by us or shared by us with our corporate affiliates, dealers, agents, vendors and other third parties. This is for helping you with better user experience, to improve our website or the products or services we offer, for research purposes, to understand customer’s needs, to develop new offerings and to alert you about our new products and services.
• Please note that your personal information is used to satisfy the services you request. If in any case, you feel your information is used for marketing purposes, you are free to opt-out of such requests.
• We identify and save your IP address to monitor problems related to our server.

Cookies are small files of information which save and retrieve all the information about your visits to our website. The information that we can access are: your IP address, how you entered and navigated this website, the type of pages that interests you, etc. please note that if you are uncomfortable with the use of cookies, they can be disabled on your computer by changing the preferences or options menu in the browser settings.

Payment information
Once you sign up on our website, you become our guests. Your account history/information including all the billing information and communication, payment history, etc. are stored in an encrypted format on the secured servers. We do not save any kind of CREDIT CARD, DEBIT CARD OR ONLINE BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION.

Linked websites
Masabih is not responsible for privacy practices or contents posted on the websites linked to Masabih. We strictly recommend all our customers to go through the respective privacy policies before providing any of your personal contact information.

Note: our website privacy policy may be modified or changed at any time without any prior notice. Kindly visit this page and check periodically in order to be aware of the updated changes.